LASHAUNDRA BARNES - 2019 Blessons Scholarship Award Recipient


Our next ‘What’s Your BS?’ story comes from our latest recipient of our 2019 scholarship awards. LaShaundra Barnes is a strong single mother of three and a business owner in the Chicago area who has been looking to further her education to advance her business and provide a safe space for women who have endured abusive relationships. As a first generation immigrant woman, LaShaundra’s education was unfortunately put on hold due to financial difficulties and domestic violence in 2012, and has not been able to complete her degree since then. Fortunately, LaShaundra has been able to get away from her abuser and acquire help in the form of counseling for herself and her children, whom she homeschools.

Through the pain and emotional rollercoaster that is domestic violence and abuse, LaShaundra has learned firsthand what a woman needs to get out of these unhealthy relationships and back to a better life for themselves and their families. Barnes started Live Limitless Love, Inc, an out-of-home business and blog aimed to transform the lives of abused women in the form of advice and support, and to inspire a healthy lifestyle centered around Christianity. Her long-term goal is to one day open up a shelter for abused women and their families and to create jobs for the community she lives in, but to do that, she understands that her own education will take a huge part in that process. Barnes is preparing to attend Robert Morris University, which is located right near the South Loop of Chicago.

Through LaShaundra’s journey, she credits her mother and the words of God that helped her push through the obstacles she has faced. Barnes stresses that it is important to take time to yourself to learn to love yourself, which she learned while studying the Bible and praying.

“It is always important to be optimistic and find the positive side to any situation. I believe that even in life’s struggles and toughest situations, what the enemy meant for evil, God can use for good,” Barnes told Blessons. “I believe education is the main key that will help those who are in abusive and toxic situations to not return.”

Inspired to help abused women get on their feet again, LaShaundra Barnes has made it clear to the world that she is ready for whatever challenges she may face, and is excited to get through education successfully to start expanding her business. She’s prepared to be the best role model she can be to not only her children, but to women in the Chicago area who have struggled like herself. Blessons wants to wish LaShaundra Barnes good luck on her future education, and we can’t wait to see her business grow and thrive with such a strong and empowered woman leading the way. If you’d like to learn more about LaShaundra’s business, Live Limitless Love, please visit the link below.