Advancing Women Advances the World

mentorship, workshops, wellness clinics & scholarship programs for women, FREE.

Why Women?  

Our Values: We believe that:

  • Women need to be treated with dignity, respect and honesty,

  • Women deserve to be happy and healthy,

  • Women should be empowered and self-sufficient,

  • Women should explore and develop their spiritual side,

  • Women deserve to learn and work together to develop their SOCIAL, SPIRITUAL and ECONOMIC POTENTIAL.

  • Intercultural exchanges, break down stereotypes, expand horizons and raise consciousness,

  • If you educate a Woman you educate a Family,

  • Community is essential to personal growth and in fostering women as agents of change.

Blessons mission is meant for those women who have a vision to succeed in spite of obstacles.The most important aspect for many women is their family. This is especially true if they happen to be older women. For ladies who have taken time to raise a family either before they entered college or sometime after they did, returning to school to better themselves and their job prospects can become expensive in a hurry. One of the main reasons why many non-traditional female students cannot finish is due to experiencing challenging life lessons including financial hardship. Scholarships for returning students are in need and not many exist.


Blessons Scholarships for Women Program

Regardless of background and study interests, there are Blessons Scholarships available for women trying to re-enter or advance themselves in the job market by obtaining a higher education or new skill. We support women who want to attain a higher education and training in order to improve their economic status.

Funded by donations with an intent to provide scholarships to women 25 years of age or older who are interested in finishing their education and advancing their career, Blessons Scholarships for Women Awards can help them fund their higher education. Life gets in the way for a number of women. In addition to challenging life lessons such as; cancer, mental illness, physical or emotional abuse, sex trafficking, discrimination and isolation due to sexual orientation, or being a first-generation female immigrant, they may also have kids, get involved with careers and simply push school off until later. When the time comes to finally go back and get a degree, certificate, license and/or pursue a new skill or trade to get back into the workforce, it can be cost-prohibitive to do so.

Blessons Scholarships for Women applications are accepted until Nov 1st, 2019 for 2020 Scholarship Awards. We welcome accredited Trade, Vocational & Tech School/Program female students to apply. 

The Scholarship Award Recipients

Catie Burrill - 2019 Blessons For Women Award Recipient $1,000

LaShaundra Barnes - 2019 Blessons Award Recipient $1,000


Anea Johnson - 2018 Blessons Award Recipient $1,000

Blessons empowers women by advancing economically through scholarships towards securing a skilled trade profession, while advancing spiritually through our women’s wellness and mental health programs including workshops. 

Free Mentorship For Women by Women: "What's Your BS?" - A Women's Blessons Story

Blessons Women’s Circles

FREE SUPPORT: Our Women Only circles provide therapeutic group support, coping skills examination, relaxation techniques practice, self-exploration, exposure to different perspectives, opportunity to practice social skills, empowerment and inspiration.


What’s Your BS Women’s Circle

A safe space where women who care about meaningful connections and self-love gather to support, inspire, and learn from each other’s Blessons.

  Join the "What's Your BS?" online community!

Do you have an empowering story to share? Our free mentorship program is a safe community of women who empower each other by sharing their stories of blessings that were inspired from challenging life lessons as an additional resource of mentorship for women, by women. They do so, both personally and collectively, with the assistance of gifted educators and mentors, and a powerful network of their peers.


Free Educational & Wellness Workshops

From personal branding tips to mock interviews to learning self-defense tactics!

Blessons is dedicated to empower women of all ages through monthly personal and professional development workshop, provided for FREE. We value the importance of building self-confidence in a woman and providing them with resources in order to guide them in discovering and fulfilling true potential through several diverse events within our Community Engagement Program. 

We believe that education sets in motion a virtuous spiral: girls and women gain greater knowledge, skills, self-confidence and capabilities, improving their own life prospects—and, in turn, an educated woman provides better nutrition, health care, and education for her family. Education enables a woman to take greater control of her life and gain inclusion in decision-making processes, which unleashes her potential to contribute socially and economically to her family’s and community’s well being. 

Blessons free programs including our mentorship, workshop and scholarship programs are provided to empower all women including those women who have suffered from challenging lessons including sex crimes and physical and emotional abuse. There are many groups of women who simply cannot handle having men participating in class/workshop with them. They may be victims of rape and abuse. ... (Exclusion) is not done to discriminate men, it is done to respect the women. Thank you for your understanding and respecting the women we provide our free services to.