Susan Wooten - First in Her Family

I was born in Hong Kong in 1959.  Soon after, my parents moved my family to the United States. Eventually landing in Chicago, I had humble beginnings. My family opened a dry cleaning business, and we spent some time living in the back until business improved and we were able to buy a home in Albany Park.  

As an adult, I married, moved to Florida, and had two children. However, my life in Florida was much different than I had hoped for. I made the difficult decision to divorce my husband and move back to Chicago with my children, and I waited tables to make ends meet.

Throughout this time I felt a constant yearning for more- for myself and for my children. Thus, I decided to enroll myself back in school. This was a large investment for me.  It was tough to thrive without the financial support of my parents or ex-husband. But my desire for a brighter future eclipsed the temporary challenges, and I soon graduated from the Harrington Institute of Design with a degree in interior design and space planning.

I was honored to quickly get a job with an architect working in my chosen field of interior design.  I was feeling on top of the world, when the recession hit. I lost my job and found myself wondering what happens next. I decided to move in a new direction and pursue a career in real estate. I have found great success as a real estate agent, and through time and continual effort, I’ve been able to buy my own business.

My path has been a winding one, but through deep devotion to family, friends, and most importantly myself, I’ve made it a path that I’m proud of.