PIA RENEE - Single Mother & Sole Breadwinner

Meet Blessons Holiday Benefit 2017 Performer: PIA RENEE

"I was born and raised on the West Side of Chicago.  I’m a single parent of two teenagers, and I am the sole breadwinner of my household.  I currently reside in Lexington, KY, where I relocated to a year ago to support my son during his first year of college. I am currently a Realtor, Corporate Relocation Consultant, and Musician.  I’d like to become a well paid full time musician in the very near future."

Pia, you’ve coined yourself as “a servant of love.”  Can you explain this to us a little bit more?  Why did you make this decision, and how is this difficult to maintain in the music industry?

"I decided to be a “Servant of Love” because, as such, I’m accountable for the things I write, sing, say, and portray as an Artist. All Artists and Artistry serves as a conduit of something. I choose love. Love is difficult to conserve in any climate, not just the music industry. Love guides my principles, so yes it is often challenged."

You enrolled in the music program at Harold Washington College at 23.  How important was this education for you?  Was it difficult to complete for any reason? How did it change your path?

"My Music Education was very critical to what I have accomplished creatively thus far. I didn’t complete my Degree. I gained everything I needed to progress as an artist. The difficulties I experienced were due to lack of planning, focus, and proper mentorship."

Your lyrics are incredibly powerful. You have been the only songwriter on both of your EPs.  How important is this to you?  What elements influence your writing the most?

"Thank you. Song writing is very important to me. I used to be very guarded about my writing process, but now I’m open to the creative contributions of others. I have written every song I’ve ever recorded with the exception of the title track of my new album, The Return. Kristopher Gordon co-wrote the song with me; he’s an amazing local talent. My personal experiences serve as my muse, this is where my lyrics come from."

If you had to select a few of your own lyrics to promote yourself and give a snapshot of who you are as an artist…what would they be?

"Great question! Two songs come to mind, The Return and Freedom Song. The lyrical content paints a vivid picture of me."

Some disapprove and they persecute, but I don’t mind ‘cause I’m resolute.”

“With every breath that I breathe, I’ma make a way.” 

How do you stay positive and continue pushing ahead despite life’s tough lessons? How do you pull the blessings from the lessons?

"Honestly, I need support! I would recommend establishing healthy connections for support and accountability.  Create a manageable daily routine/ritual that helps keep you sharp and focused.  I’d also advise that while self discipline hurts, it majorly helps.  Mentally and emotionally, my responsibilities are very taxing at times, but I realize that I have to be diligent in accomplishing my dreams. The alternative is misery and uncertainty."

Thank you Pia for sharing your Blessons Story. 

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