What's Your BS? - Chanell Hill's Blessons Story

Hello world! Today, I’d like to introduce you all to the wonderful Chanell Hill!

Chanell Denea Hill is a social worker for a Southside CPS high school and she is also a mental health advocate through her clothing apparel as well as sharing her commentary on social media. Bay Area born and raised, she speaks on her journey of working towards becoming a licensed therapy (which she has accomplished), her experience with mental health, and she also discusses coping skills as well.

Get to know Chanell and her journey through the mental health milestones that she’s crossed and how she copes!

Learn more about Chanell Hill here: http://www.chanelldenea.com/ 

Buy some of her mental health apparel here: https://www.therapyisforeverybody.bigcartel.com/ 


Channa Weird

What’s Your BS Memoir Editor

Women’s Wellness Board Member

Creator of ShesSoWeird.com


Channa Weird

She’s So Weird is a site created by music lover, Channa Smith, who sometimes goes by the name, Channa Weird. In girlhood, she was always referred to as “weird,” because Channa was unlike her peers. Instead of letting it negatively impacting her esteem, Channa embraced “Channa Weird” and transformed it into the fabrics of her personality. What became her Facebook name, so that family couldn’t find her, ultimately became her professional and artistic identity! Channa Weird is a Southside native of Chicago that studies Public Relations and Music Business Management at Colombia College Chicago. In 2016, Channa launched her website ShesSoWerd.com as the CEO/Founder promote music and inspire an audience to a new taste of music. ShesSoWeird.com aims to support Channa Weird and her effort to discuss music, artists, mental health, personal struggles with her mental illnesses, and coping mechanisms for people who struggle with getting a grip on their own mental illnesses as well. “Music is my escape and my outlet, and I know people love to hear incredible new music, but I also enjoy helping people. I use my website as an outlet for myself and other people,” says Channa Weird.