Selina kowalski

Inspirational Impetus

My parents always encouraged my sisters and me to stay focused with our academics and become strong, independent women. With their support and my hard-work, I was able to achieve both a Bachelor of Science and a Master in Public Health at DePaul University. Throughout my years of schooling, I grew passionate about promoting healthy behaviors and empowering women. It was thanks to my schooling, where I made professional relationships through internships and developed key skills, which enabled me to obtain an exceptional career doing what I love. My college experience was priceless and is why I emphasize others to persevere in obtaining a higher education too. My values connect so well with what Blessons stands for in empowering women through education, and I’m grateful to be a part of the auxiliary board. As the Scholarships and Outreach coordinator with Blessons, I get the amazing opportunity to link schools with our resources to assist more women in continuing their educational goals as well.