2018 Team Blessons - Ragnar Chicago

We believe in the philosophy similar to Ragnar that “there is magic when we come together and accomplish something we could never do alone." At Blessons we practice this vision at every Blessons Community Engagement event when our supporters from the community come together with individuals who have experienced challenging life lessons that have prevented them from completing their higher education, to run side by side and support each other mile by mile. 


Support her on behalf of Blessons by donating towards her Team Blessons fundraising page.


If you are seeking to join Team Blessons and register to become a Blessons Charity Ragnarian as we together conquer 200 miles - this race is for you!! We have only a few spots left! On Friday, May 18th and Saturday, May 19th, 2018, you will have the opportunity to make this race weekend even more meaningful with Team Blessons, by helping our non-profit org. raise $3,000 as a team by May 31st, 2018 (breaks down to a fundraising commitment of $250 per runner). Contact Khit@blessons.org to learn more!


Diane Weisbrod

Support her on behalf of Blessons by donating towards her Team Blessons fundraising page.

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Help her raise funds to support 1 woman with a Blessons Scholarship Award!



Support Anthony on behalf of Blessons by donating towards his Team Blessons fundraising page.


Help her raise funds to support first-generation female immigrants with a Blessons Scholarship Award!


Support Alexis by donating to her page to make an impact for women who have had their education put on hold due to cancer or other illnesses.



Help Erica raise enough funds for 1 Blessons Scholarship Award for women who face challenging life lessons with mental health.




You can help Paul give a woman a profound experience-and change the course of her life forever. Oh, and her children's lives too.

These benefits are great but most importantly, Team Blessons will be making a difference in the lives of women of all ages and those who have had their higher education put on hold due to challenges such as; cancer, mental illness, physical or emotional abuse or who are first generation female immigrants. Funds raised are vital in providing women in our communities through increased economic output from employment and reduction in costs for women shelters, medical services including mental illness and treatments including; eating disorders, suicide, drug and alcohol treatment. Blessons Scholarships for Women proves that there is hope, that women can be empowered through education and continue to achieve things they never thought possible, and that there are people through Blessons, who will support them along the way. 

Be one of those people, donate and join us in our mission of providing second chances in completing higher education by viewing the blessings that were taught from challenging life lessons; Blessons. 

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