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Marigolds & Mimosas: A Blessons for Women Workshop

You are invited to attend a FREE Blessons Workshop: Marigolds & Mimosas: A Blessons Flower Planting Party & Gardening Workshop. This workshop is meant to educate and empower women who have never gardened, women who are looking for a new hobby that is rewarding and restorative, and for women who enjoy gardening and mimosas too!

The planting party and workhop will be taking place at The Reservoir,located at 844 W Montrose Ave, Chicago, IL, an incredible supporter of Blessons!

TOPIC: Marigolds & Mimosas: A Blessons Flower Planting Party & Gardening Workshop with Marlise Fein 

Five major goals of the workshop:

1) TO HAVE FUN, be social, have FREE mimosas, awesome bar food and plant flowers (including Marigolds) in The Reservoir's flower boxes.

2) Chat with the experts on how you can become an urban gardener.

3) If you already are an urban gardener (or suburban gardner), find out helpful hints, talk about your deepest gardening fears or share your gardening successes.

4) Meet others who share your passion for gardening and find out about local gardening groups you can join.

5) Have a chance to win a raffle prize

Space is limited to 20 attendees. Your Eventbrite ticket will be automatically entered into the raffle for a prize. You must be in attendance to win!

Marlise Fein is an Auxiliary Board Member of Blessons, whose role in the charity is as the Community Engagement Director, Team Blessons and is tasked with setting up workshops. Professionally, Marlise works for Hyatt Hotels Corporation in its Legal Department as a Legal Services Manager. Marlise also has a BA in History and a minor in Secondary Education so she totally geeks out and enjoys living history as a soldier in the Continental Marines Dean's Unit with the Northwest Territory Alliance. Other activities include membership in the Chicago Swordplay Guild - Novice level in 16th Century Rapier at Forteza Fitness, running an annual Spartan race and marathon. This is Marlise's second year running the Chicago Marathon for Team Blessons. Scuba diving in exotic and warm locations with husband and partner in crime, Paul Fein, is another sport she enjoys. Marlise also enjoys gardening and is a desendant of generations of Wisconsin dairy farmers.

Any questions, please contact: Marlise Fein at or -or- David