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Strength Through Jiu-Jitsu with Jen Z

A 2015 study in Canada reported that college students who underwent a 12-hour sexual assault resistance training were far less likely to be assaulted. These women were also less likely to be the victims of attempted assault. Of those who were assaulted, 97% were able to fight off their attacker, 80% of those were able to use voice and body language alone and did not resort to violence. The results of this study are a good argument for women to continually take self-defense classes.

Blessons, in conjunction with Jennifer Zanotti and Serafin Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, is hosting Strength Through Jiu-Jitsu a self-defense and empowerment workshop that will be taught by Jennifer Zanotti, of Jen Z’s Beauty & Wellness Services.

Aims and Objectives of the Workshop: Jennifer Zanotti's mission is to empower, inspire and motivate others to live their happiest, healthiest lives possible! As a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu athlete, competitor and instructor, she is able to help women feel their strongest and safest! Jiu-jitsu is amazing for fitness, sport, self-confidence, weight-loss, stress-relief, self-defense and fun! Jiu-jitsu helps you feel empowered in positions that are typically more vulnerable, especially for women! In this class we will focus on awareness and techniques to help you feel your strongest!

What to bring/wear: Participants should wear sports bra, short or long-sleeved tee shirt, and workout pants.

Space is limited to 35 attendees.

Jennifer Zanotti, owner of Jen Z’s Beauty & Wellness Services is a Spa Owner, Esthetician, Jiu-Jitsu Instructor, and Wellness coach.