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Blessons Coffee Talk: Google Docs Basics/Creation & Mangement with Samantha Recknagel

Welcome to a FREE monthly Women's Blessons Workshop at The Reservoir: Coffee Talk!

This workshop is meant to educate and empower women personally and professionally. The worshops are hosted by a local non-profit organization, Blessons Scholarships for Women and take place at the wonderful bar and restaurant, The Reservoir, located at 844 W Montrose Ave, Chicago, IL.

Blessons Coffee Talk: Google Docs Basics / Creation & Mangement with Samantha Recknagel
We learned so much at Samantha's workshop in 2017 that we wanted to offer the workshop again!

Google docs is a great tool for sharing documents with others, while being able to keep track of edits and whose working on them at any given time. If you are new to Google Docs or use it often, but have run into issues, be it sharing, finding what you saved or needing to know the most efficient ways to manage a directory, then this workshop is for you!  

What to bring:
Laptop or smartphone

Any questions or examples of issues

Space is limited to 15 attendees. FREE cup of coffee for attendants! Please RSVP through here:

Samantha Recknagle is a fourth grade teacher who uses Google Docs heavily at the school where she teaches. Samantha is also an Auxilary Board Member of Blessons and assists with operations so she is depended upon to help Board Members use Google docs!

Any questions, please contact: Marlise Fein at or 

Blessons, NFP provides free mentorship and educational workshops to women of all ages, including scholarships to disadvantaged, low-income women who are 25 years or older and who have had their higher education put on hold due to challenging life lessons such as; cancer, mental illness, physical or emotional abuse, or who are first-generation female immigrants. 

Blessons free programs including our mentorship program, workshops and scholarships are provided to empower all women including those women who have suffered from challenging lessons including all sex crimes & physical and emotional abuse. There are many groups of women who simply cannot handle having men participating in class/workshop with them. They may be victims of rape and abuse. ... (Exclusion) is not done to discriminate men, it is done to respect the women. 

For those events such as Blessons fundraisers, Volunteer Projects and Team Blessons/Reservoir Dawgs weekly Fun Run/Club where Blessons welcomes men to attend, we will post “We welcome all genders to participate/attend” in the event details. Thank you for respecting our women.