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Ragnar Chicago 2018 - Fun Run/Walk & Greet

Welcome everyone and thank you for choosing to be part of Blessons Charity Ragnar team. I hope you are as excited as me to be part of this event. We are 2 months away from Ragnar day; Friday May 18th and Saturday May 19th 2018 we will party through the night together! This year the event is earlier so it shouldn’t be as hot and we are starting in Chicago and running to Madison.

On Thursday April 19th if you can, let’s start to get to know one another by meeting up for a 3-mile run or walk and some discussion about the Ragnar event. You may bring friends! Meet at The Reservoir (844 W Montrose Ave, Chicago) at 6:30pm. Let us know if you can make it with your rsvp to 

A few items:

1. We have had a few individuals want to be part of the event, but have backed out due to other commitments. Currently we have one open spot so if you know of someone who would like to be part of the team please let me know

2. There is no time like the present to start fundraising to you meet your minimum commitment of $350 by May 1, 2018. If you have any specific fundraising questions or need ideas, reach out to

3. Kris, Edith, Khit, Angel - Make sure you have created your Crowdrise page

4. Kris and Alexis – I am still waiting on your mobile phone number, Emergency contact name and phone number, and your running pace for a 10k

5. If you know someone who wants to be part of the event but not run, we are looking for two drivers

6. Please request Friday May 18th and Saturday May 19th off work as the event will take up those entire days

Current Team

1. Ana Alvarez

2. Alexis Caldero

3. Kris Larson

4. Michelle Malo

5. Edith Rodríguez

6. Diane Weisbrod Bayer

7. Khit Masoud

8. Rebecca Diaz

9. Angel Stech

10. Erica Braunshausen

11. Danielle Mayall (Dani)

12. TBD

If you are looking for other Blessons events to be part of visit the website at

Everyone in our Team Blessons Facebook Group are welcome to join us any Thursday night for Fun run/walk club at The Reservoir!!

Kind regards,
Diane - Team Blessons Ragnar Captain