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Jennifer Fosser Team Blessons Chicago Marathon

Help Jennifer reach her goal

$500 by October 1, 2017

Honor an aspiring woman in your life or help aspiring women with financial need to achieve their educational goals by making a donation towards Jennifer's Blessons Scholarships for Women Fundraiser.

You may donate through PayBal by clicking the yellow button below, via Chase QuickPay by sending to or by mailing a check to 405 N. Wabash Ave Suite 2006 Chicago, IL 60611

Why I Run

I run because I can.  Because after divorce, cancer, loss of friends and loved ones; I realize that I am beyond blessed and lucky that my body is strong and able to handle a feat like this.  That I am blessed to have family and friends cheering me on, encouraging me through this journey.

My body is strong again and training will prepare it to ensure this feat.  However, mentally I struggle daily on if I can accomplish this. It's not about finishing first. It's about being brave enough to go out and overcome doubt, pain, exhaustion and push myself to cross that finish line. No matter how long it takes. 

I also run for those who can not.  I hope to show that anyone can overcome obstacles in life and grow stronger from them.  The symbolism of running a marathon parallels life in that it shows that triumph is possible, no matter how difficult the journey to the finish line.

Lastly, I run to feel alive.  To meditate.  To explore.  To learn something new about myself and the world around me.  I run because when everything seems chaotic and spinning out of control - my runs allow me to escape the chaos and find the answers buried deep inside.



I believe in the power of education and in that it can transform a person.  Learning opportunities shouldn’t be restricted to certain age ranges as we are all seeking to gain knowledge daily just by being alive.  If one is afforded the opportunity to study and advance her learnings, there is no limit to the abundance of succeeding in life.  No one should have to struggle to obtain education.  Blessons recognizes this and provides a solution to encourage and support women when they need it most.


My Races

Get Lucky 14K
March 11, 2017

Chi Town Half Marathon
April 8, 2017

Race to Wrigley 5K
April 2017

Chicago Spring Half Marathon
May 2017

Soldier Field 10 Miler
May 2017

Half Marathon
June 2017

Half Marathon
July 2017

Chicago 10K
August 2017

Chicago Half Marathon
September 2017